Organizer Tatar: “Bands accepted immediately”

Organizer Ewald Tatar follows in the footsteps of Live Aid organizer Bob Geldof with the benefit concert.

AUSTRIA: Austria now has its own Live Aid …

Ewald Tatar: I thought to myself: Fear is the wrong approach. We have to set an example and show that we’re there. That we want to help and that we declare solidarity. And this concert should show that. With a very big statement for peace.

AUSTRIA: How did you get all the acts for this benefit concert?

Tatar: I asked all the bands more or less in the same hour. Everyone agreed immediately. I have to say hats off: because that is really not a matter of course.

AUSTRIA: Nobody has organized such a mega concert so quickly…

Tatar: The time pressure was enormous. We only started working on it two weeks before this event and we were only able to present the complete program 10 days beforehand. The fact that we were sold out so quickly shows how helpful people are in Austria.

AUSTRIA: Even Bob Geldof sent a greeting.

Tatar: I’m very proud of that. The more people hear this signal from Vienna, the better it is for the people of Ukraine.

AUSTRIA: The ticket price of 19.91 euros was also very symbolic…

Tatar: The price was more than fair for this mega event. €19.19 because Ukraine became independent in 1991. That too should be a signal to the people there who are suffering from this humanitarian catastrophe.