origin, divorce, scar, Michel Polnareff, Julie Hantson… We tell you everything

Pascal Obispo is celebrating his 58th birthday on January 8, 2023. On this occasion, discover everything there is to know about the singer, from his beginnings in music to the television set of The Voice on TF1, through the origin of his scar and his love life.

Successful singer of the French scene, Pascal Obispo is celebrating his 58th birthday this Sunday, January 8. How did he start his career? What are his greatest successes? Was he married? Where is his scar from? What act of bravery saved a man’s life? We tell you everything about the singer.

Where did Pascal Obispo grow up?

Pascal Obispo was born on January 8, 1965 in Bergerac. He left the Dordogne at the age of 13, when his parents divorced Max, a Basque, and Nicole, originally from Angers. The latter decides to settle hundreds of kilometers away, in Rennes. His father made a name for himself with the writing of two books on football. It was in high school that Pascal Obispo discovered his first love for music. In his playlist, The Cure and Marquis de Sade, local rock band.

In 1983, he founded his first amateur music group with his friends. He leaves Words Of Goethe to do his military service – on his return, he joins the group Senso, of which he is drummer then singer. In 1990, Pascal Obispo’s first solo album entitled Along the river comes out in the bins. His career started slowly.

What are Pascal Obispo’s greatest hits?

It was not until 1994 that his name became known to the general public. Pascal Obispo signs the hits fell for her and You complicate everything on the album A day like today. The following year, he composed the credits of the series Under the sun. His fourth album Superfluous closes a multitude of tubes: Lucy, No one, It takes time,… Successes also for other artists: He composes Light the fire to Johnny Hallyday and written for Florent Pagny.

The birth of his son Sean inspires him the tube Vintage. In 2002, he signed the duo You will find with the Canadian Natasha St-Pier. In 2004, he drew inspiration from one of his greatest inspirations: Michel Polnareff. He released a double album in which he covered several of his hits. An admiration not shared by his idol, who will not appreciate the covers. “I have to hurry to release my record before Pascal releases mine”, would quip Michel Polnareff at the time. It will be necessary to wait until the end of 2022 for the two men to bury the hatchet. With Obispo, I was never angry, Polnareff assured the magazine Cine TV Revue. It was sometimes complicated, but we talk to each other relatively often.

Two years later, Pascal Obispo surprises his audience and makes the buzz in collaboration Fatal Bazooka on the tube Nocturnal bad faith. In 2018 and 2020, he is a juror of the show The Voice on TF1.

Where does Pascal Obispo’s scar come from?

Pascal Obispo has a scar on the left eyebrow. A truck accident when he was little, in which he fell head first, he will tell on the show It won’t get out of here in 2019. And that’s not all: Pascal Obispo came close to tragedy in 1997. He gave a concert in Ajaccio, Corsica. A man in the audience armed with a pellet rifle shoots him.

The reason ? Everything would be related to a marital dispute. “It was a story in a couple, a story of jealousy, had told the star in the show It won’t get out of here in 2019. A priori, she said ‘Obispo I do it when I want’, and the man said ‘I also do it when I want’. And then he actually shot us.” He will almost lose his eye: “If it had fallen 2 cm below the eyebrow, I would have had my eye gouged out.”

Was Pascal Obispo married?

In 2000, the singer said “yes” for life to Isabelle Funaro at the town hall of the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Between them, it’s mad love. Quickly, they welcome their first child, a boy named Sean. In 2008, however, they divorced.

The two have since rebuilt their lives. Since 2015, Pascal Obispo has been married to Julie Hantson, 26 years his junior., while the ex-model fell in love with Michaël Youn in 2008. And everything is going wonderfully for the two blended families – the relationship with Julie Hantson gave rise to a rumor of a breakup that has never been commented on. Indeed, Pascal Obispo and Michaël Youn have also worked together in the cinema, for the film Fatal. The one who woke up the French in the Morning Live also tasted the joys of fatherhood, in front of the father of a little Seven with Isabelle Funaro.

Pascal Obispo went back to marriage in 2015. The arrival of Julie Hantson in his life turned everything upside down … for the better. “When I met my wife, my life changed, he confided in C to you. By accompanying me, she changed my way of life, in a way, she balanced me.”

Did Pascal Obispo save a life?

The song We are not alone on Earth has a heavy meaning. In 2019, Pascal Obispo released the song about this famous evening on Departmental 106. “It’s moped in gliding flight, in a thousand pieces of him broken with, badly screwed him up and the projects”, sings the star. These lyrics are inspired by the story of Nicolas Lacambre. We are in 2008, between Cap Ferret and Bordeaux. The 24-year-old man has just been hit by a car. He is left for dead. It is then that a motorist stops, warns the firefighters and comes to help him. The man had his arm and leg amputated.

Who is his mysterious rescuer? The police then reveal to him that it is Pascal Obispo. The two men will meet a year later, during a match for the Girondins de Bordeaux. “After the accident, he never knew what happened, if I was still alive, will explain the man to News We had a lot to talk about…” The two men become friends. Nicolas Lacambre releases a book entitled We are not alone on Earth – like the song of his savior. And to help him in his reconstruction, Pascal Obispo paid him all the rights to the music.

Where does Pascal Obispo live?

The singer Pascal Obispo lives a large part of the year in Cap-Ferret, where he has a house. A corner full of stars, the actress Laura Smet put his suitcases there for example.

the Sunday newspaper had revealed that the singer had redeemed “the former holiday center of the Mutuelle des enfants du spectacle in the Arcachon basin (Gironde) to make it his dream estate“and that he”has transformed this 1.4 hectare site, near the semaphore on the tip of the Cap-Ferret peninsula, into a superb place out of sight in the green nature.”

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