Origin, meeting with Brigitte, young, money, the Elysée… her secrets

Emmanuel Macron is celebrating his 45th birthday on December 21, 2022. Discover everything there is to know about the President of the Republic since 2017, from his youth to his meeting with Brigitte Trogneux in Amiens, via his career as a banker at Rothschild.

Emmanuel Macron blows out his 45th candle. The President of the Republic is celebrating his birthday this Wednesday, December 21, 2022. Who is the head of state, the youngest of the 25 presidents of the French Republic? Where did he grow up? How did he meet his wife Brigitte Trogneux? What is his career in banking? We tell you everything about the president.

The latest information on Emmanuel Macron

Where did Emmanuel Macron grow up?

It was in Amiens that Emmanuel Macron was born on December 21, 1977. His parents, Jean-Michel and Françoise Macron, are both doctors. His family is from the North of France, from Picardy on his father’s side, and from the South on his mother’s side, with roots in Hérault and Aveyron.. This native of the bourgeois district of Henriville was educated at La Providence high school and moved to Paris at the age of 16. Its terminal, he passes it to the prestigious Lycée Henri-IV, in the 5th arrondissement of the capital. A hasty departure his budding love for a certain Brigitte Trogneuxa married theater teacher and mother of three children.

The years have passed, but Emmanuel Macron keeps ties with Picardy. “It’s where I was born, where I grew up, where my grandmother still lived three years ago, where my father still lives, he confided in 2016 to Mail Picard. Yes, that’s one of my fixed points.” In 2010, her parents divorced and her mother resumed her maiden name, Françoise Noguès.

Emmanuel Macron: photos of him young

The President of the Republic – who became the youngest President of the French Republic by being elected at only 39 years old in 2017 – saw his youth photos circulating on the Web. In particular those of the time when he was a student at Nanterre.

Emmanuel Macron was only 16 when he fell in love with Brigitte Auziere. The latter was then a French and theater teacher, married to André-Louis Auzière, with whom she had three children: Tiphaine, Sébastien and Laurence. Emmanuel Macron joins his theater workshop and the magic happens immediately. A former classmate of the president will confide to Gala : “Emmanuel already had a posture different from ours, more adult. (…) I think we are dealing with two minds and two lovers of letters who have met.In 2006, Brigitte Auzière divorced and resumed her maiden name: Trogneux. At 17, Emmanuel Macron made the promise to marry her – it will be done, 15 years later, on October 20, 2007 in Le Touquet, in Pas-de-Calais.

What career did Emmanuel Macron lead in banking?

A graduate of the National School of Administration, Emmanuel Macron joined the General Inspectorate of Finance in 2004. His skills earned him a recommendation to Rothschild and Co, which he joined at the age of 30. Quickly, Emmanuel Macron rose to the profession of managing partner. He advises large multinationals on their mergers and acquisitions and is nicknamed the “Mozart of finance”. He will work there for four years before satisfying his political ambitions. His pay? About 400,000 euros per year.

Did Emmanuel Macron have children?

No. Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron have never had children together. The absence of paternity, Emmanuel Macron fully accepts it. “It’s a choice I made, he confided in the show To the blackboard on C8. My wife Brigitte, she had three children. There are some who were tall when I met them and there is one who was smaller. The last one was your age. And afterwards, we asked ourselves the question and I considered that the most important thing is that you raise your children well, that you love them. And then I have seven grandchildren.”

The native of Amiens assures him, it does not “not missing”. “Because I love Brigitte’s children as if they were mine and I love our grandchildren as if they were mine”he added.

What is Emmanuel Macron’s heritage?

How all candidates for the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron is forced to fill his Statement of financial situation. In 2017 and in 2022, he communicated his information on his situation. At the time of his declaration for his last term, Emmanuel Macron would have earned 1.35 million euros in the space of five years and would have assets of up to 610,000 euros – net of debt, this figure stands at 309,000 euros.

Thus, the Head of State has 22,785.60 euros in an investment fund in SMEs, has placed 113,412.04 in life insurance. What is his salary for his position at the Élysée? He receives a monthly salary of 15,200 euros gross. In 2011, he received 1.4 million for his duties as managing partner.

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