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Vincent Niclo is celebrating his 48th birthday this Friday, January 6, 2023. A look back at the life and career of the tenor, from his debut as an actor at Cours Florent to his platinum disc, including his duet with Laëtitia Milot and the secret of his private life…

The public knows his powerful voice. Vincent Niclo is one of the most famous French tenors of the moment. The singer, who is celebrating his 48th birthday on January 6, 2023, has seen his career explode thanks to his collaboration with the Choir of the Red Army and the boost of Celine Dion. What are the origins of Vincent Niclo? What was his first career? His greatest successes? Who does he share his life with? Answers.

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Where did Vincent Niclo grow up?

It is in Paris that Vincent Niclo was born on January 6, 1975. The singer grew up in the capital. His parents, Claude and Evelyne Niclo, were immersed in the artistic milieu: his father is a singer-musician and does pop. Her grandmother sang opera. At age 5, his parents enrolled him in her very first singing lesson. If his vocation has not yet been born, these experiences will lay the foundation stone for a successful career.

Vincent Niclo: career as a model and actor

However, it is to modeling that he will turn first. His physique as a young first caught the attention of photographers. He posed for the brand of wedding outfits Pronuptia at the end of the 90s. The modeling will be used to pay for his classical singing lessons. His childhood, however, was not so simple. Little, I was the boy who is pointed out because he was a tuna, a cannonball, the fat kid with the bowl cut”he confided to Pocket TV. One extreme, then the other. Enthen I was cataloged as a boy band or a smooth guy, the prince. It sucks being a prince.”

Ultimately, he joined the Cours Florent and landed a few roles in the theater and in television series, such as Under the sun and Nestor Burma. He then combined comedy and singing with musicals, before going solo in 2005. His first album was a failure. It will be necessary to wait until 2012 for the consecration.

What are his greatest successes?

It is thanks to the Chorus of the Red Army that Vincent Niclo made a name for himself with the general public; then by opening for Celine Dion at Bercy. With the military singers, they record the album Red Opera to opera tunes and, in 2012, he won his very first platinum disc. Vincent Niclo is invited to sing at the Kremlin in Moscow with the Choir of the Red Army. His host ? Vladimir Poutine. Tours and albums followed, the last of which, Esperantowas released in 2020. It collaborates with Pascal Obispo, who wrote him titles, and the two men became friends. From classical to opera via rap and tango: Vincent Niclo surprises his audience.

After the Choir of the Red Army, Vincent Niclo sang with… priests. The tenor is blown away by The Orthodox Priests revealed in the 2020 season of The Voice. The star was immediately charmed by their communion. “They gave me chills, he told Europe 1. They used to sing together. I thought it would be great to meet them.” In one of the titles, he will sing in Slavonic, the ancestor of the Russian language.

Why did Vincent Niclo collaborate with Laëtitia Milot?

“I fell in love with Laëtitia Milot” : Vincent Niclo has never hidden his admiration for the actress of More beautiful life. Together, they sign in 2019 the title Far from herean adaptation of the title of Dalida, Comedy is over. The tandem appears very complicit. A symbolic project: part of the profits from the song were donated to EndoFrance, a French Association for the fight against endometriosis, a disease suffered by Laëtitia Milot.

On France 3, Vincent Niclo and Laëtitia Milot will interpret their title with the 300 choirs for a performance strong in emotions, at the end of which the actress will struggle to hold back her tears.

Vincent Niclo and his private life: is he in a relationship?

The singer keeps the mystery around his love life. At the end of 2021, he announced that he was in a relationship, without saying more. “I am an open book on many things, but not on these subjects. In my love life, there are ups and downs, like everyone else. I can only tell you that I am in a relationship!”, he explained to Gala. Fans never talk to me about it. It’s my secret garden, only journalists ask me the question.” And even his mother Evelyne is not made aware of his secret garden!

Is he still in love? The question arises today. But on his past, the singer opted for transparency, confiding in this failed paternity. “I almost had a child at 21.”, he revealed. Is having a child part of his plans? I would really like to be a dad, but I don’t think I have the capacity at the moment… It is a responsibility. I still have some time, I’m not saying I won’t.”

But no matter: the main thing for him is to be behind the microphone. “Singing is not being famous, he estimated with Pure charts. Singing is a vocation. It’s my engine. I don’t see what else I could have done.”

Where does Vincent Niclo live?

During an interview with the Canadian site Arts and Culturewe learned that Vincent Niclo lives “between France and Miami“. Nothing very surprising, however, since the singer very regularly shares photos of his escapades in Florida, on Instagram, shirtless, dressed or barefoot (something to delight his fetish fans) at the beach. The good life!

Vincent Niclo is like a fish in water in Florida, he who speaks “five languages. French, English, Spanish, German, Italian“, as he told the site.”I sang in all these languages ​​and also in Russian and Chinese even if I don’t speak them“, added the star.

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