origins, denial of pregnancy, husband, what becomes of her… all about the singer

Sheryfa Luna is celebrating her 34th birthday this Wednesday, January 25. Revealed in 2007 in season 4 of the show “Popstars”, the young woman was one of the most popular singers of the late 2000s. What is her life and career? We tell you everything!

Born January 25, 1989 in Évreux, Sheryfa Luna turns 34 this Wednesday. The R&B singer broke into the French music scene in 2007 with the hit He had the words. Where is she from? Does she have children? Is she married? Does she still give concerts?

The latest on Sheryfa Luna

Sheryfa Luna: her origins

Cherifa Babouche, the singer’s real name, was born in Évreux, Eure, on January 25, 1989. Her father is Algerian, Kabyle, and her mother French. The brunette little girl with light blue eyes grows up with six siblings and takes flight when she comes of age, thanks to her victory in the singing show pop stars. Évreux, a city where she recharges her batteries and where she is now raising her two children.

In 2007, Sheryfa Luna participated in the show pop stars, on M6. During the adventure, she sings someone like me in trio with two other candidates. She flaunts her R&B style in front of TV cameras. It is nicknamed the “mini Diams”, in reference to the interpreter of The Dumpling. The jury is won over – she wins season 4 against 32 other budding singers. The success of Sheryfa Luna will be such that it will overshadow the finalists, Hadja and Jessi.

In total, Sheryfa Luna will release five albums. She also founded an association called The little silk fairieswhich aims to help teenage mothers in difficulty, echoing her own story as a mother-teenager. In 2013, she announced that she was ending her singing career. “Today, we no longer necessarily earn a living as we earned it before in music, she confided to Normandy information. I’m reaching a stage in my life where I want renewal, I want to do other things.Before its big comeback, in 2023…

Does Sheryfa Luna still perform in concert?

The singer performed her last tour in 2009, Atmosphere Tower. And for her 15-year career, she returns to the front of the stage. The 34-year-old star will perform at the Zenith in Paris on February 5, 2023. And for her big comeback on stage, she recorded a promotional video. “I’m so impatient, and at the same time, the stress is skyrocketing”, she announced on Instagram. Its singers and musicians rehearse for the big day.

Sheryfa Luna will perform hits from her previous albums. True Hits – her debut album Sheryfa Luna went platinum and the album If you see me is certified gold, with over 60,000 records sold. Somewherehis first single in 2007, He had the words, If you were no longer there, Like before with Mathieu Edward or I miss you. Impossible to miss the Sheryfa Luna phenomenon.

The singer has never completely left the spotlight. Since 2021, she has been addressing her fans, the Choubidoux, on Instagram. Then, a few months ago, she gave interviews to the press and gave a few showcases in nightclubs. And since the announcement of her concert at the Zenith in Paris, she is on all the sets. And that’s not all : Sheryfa Luna made her return to the studio in early January!

Her denial of pregnancy and the unexpected birth of her son, Venus Junior

Sheryfa Luna is a mother of a son. A child with a unique story – the star made a denial of pregnancy. When she auditions for pop stars, she is then six months pregnant, but does not know it. Viewers and producers of the show do not realize anything, so flat is her stomach. It was by chance that she discovered that she was expecting her first child. “During the routine examinations, we realized that I had been pregnant with a little boy for six months”she explained in the show Morandini Live on Non Stop People.

This baby is seen with a bad eye by the producers, who will offer her to have an abortion abroad. “It was very complicated, very badly received. Because there was a lot of money that had been invested in me. The announcement of a baby was not on the program.” Sheryfa Luna thinks of a hidden camera, a “prank”. She is 18 years old and is about to live her dream of becoming a singer. Despite pressure from producers, she made a choice: “I was ready to sacrifice everything for my child.” At 19, she gave birth to a little Venus Junior – a first name linked to the boy’s father, Venus, a man 19 years her senior.

In 2010, clap of end with his companion. The star will taste the joys of motherhood. On February 3, 2015, she gives birth to her second child, Ibrahim. The little boy, curious, accompanies his mother during her performances.