Orphan Louane, sincere secrets about the disappearance of her parents

Invited to the show “Sept à Huit”, Louane confided in Audrey Crespo-Mara about the mourning of her parents, who died a few months apart when she was still a teenager.

Ten years ago already. In 2013, Louane was only 16 when she was spotted on the show “The Voice”. Her grain of voice and her child’s face seduce the coaches, so much so that she manages to go to the semi-finals alongside Louis Bertignac. Celebrated shortly after in the film “La Famille Bélier”, which won her the César for Best Female Hope in 2015, she also won a Victoire de la Musique for her first album. Her career takes off but at the same time, the young woman is experiencing a family drama. His father died of an illness, followed by his mother a few months later.

Guest on the show “Seven à Huit” on Sunday May 15, Louane confided in Audrey Crespo-Mara with an open heart. On the poster for the new TF1 series “Visions”, the singer considers herself lucky despite the drama. “The fairies must have leaned over my crib,” she revealed. Her career has been a kind of escape for the young woman. “I was very well surrounded, and I locked myself into work a lot, because I needed to do something else. The fact of being able to concentrate on the album, to leave quickly on tour, that really saved me”.

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“The lack and the emptiness that we have when we lose someone, they don’t leave”

A busy schedule that allowed him to have a mourning, certainly “late”, but much “softer”. “It delayed things in terms of grieving obviously, I think I broke out a bit later, but in the moment it gave me strength, held me in place, allowed me to ‘to advance”.

Discreet about this event in his life, Louane expresses himself above all through music, like his titles “Mom” or “If you were there”. A way of externalizing the pain, even if ten years later, the wounds remain just as deep. “The lack and emptiness you have when you lose someone, especially someone close, they don’t leave. It’s wrong”.

Mom of a little Esmée since March 2020, Louane explains that her motherhood did not come to fill a gap. “We are not going to pack it down with another love (…) Have a child to fill a gap, poor thing. The burden it puts on his shoulders. Although this new “special” role sent her back to her childhood and her parents, one thing is certain, Louane has always “been very well surrounded”.

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