Oscar 2022: The platforms where you can see ‘Coda: Signs of the Heart’, the Best Film

United States.- Although the movie “Coda: Signs of the Heart”the great winner of the 2022 Oscars, is an international production (United States, France and Canada), bears a Mexican stamp: the performance of Eugenio Derbez.

Since it was released in theaters in September 2021, the role played by the protagonist of “The P.Luche Family” It was very well received, since the Mexican comedian abandoned that genre on television to fully enter the drama, like a music teacher.

Eugenio Derbez wanted to work so hard so that his role as Bernard Villalobos believable, that he even took piano lessons for several months.

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And although it did not directly earn him a nomination for the 2022 Oscars, the film did reach three nominations: Best Adapted ScreenplayBest Film and Best Supporting Actor for Troy Kotsurtaking the three golden statuettes!

“Coda: signs of the heart” took home three golden statuettes. Photo: Instagram.

This March 27 at the Dolby Theatersome members of the production of “Coda: Señales del Corazón”, among them Eugene Derbez, went on stage three times to raise his golden statuettes.

Where to see ‘Coda’?

After this triple triumph of “Coda: Signs of the Heart” at the 2022 Oscars, people who didn’t see the movie are now wondering: where can you see it?

Although the cinema chain Cinepolis He has not published if the film will return to its theaters, which is the safest thing, there are several streaming platforms where this story of overcoming is available with just one click.

On iTunes It can be rented from 60 pesos.

On Amazon Prime Video It’s free as long as you have a subscription.

On Youtube and in google play It costs from 45 pesos.

What is it about?

“Coda: Signs of the Heart” follows Ruby (Emilia Jones), the only hearing member of a deaf family. She is a CODA -child of deaf adult-. At 17 years old, she works in the morning with her parents and her brother in Gloucester, Massachusettsbefore going to class, trying to keep the family fishing business afloat.

Eager to find new hobbies, Ruby She decides to try her luck in her high school choir, where she not only discovers her passion for singing, but also a strong physical attraction for the boy with whom she must perform a duet.

Her enthusiastic teacher (Eugenio Derbez) sees something special in her and encourages her to think about the possibility of entering music school, something that would force her to make a decision for her future: either her studies, or his family.

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