Oscar Awards 2022: Will Smith and Chris Rock’s slap for making fun of his wife Jada Pinkett’s baldness | Famous

For this reason, the protagonist of ‘Ray Richards’ did not hesitate to approach and slap the presenter.

Why did Will Smith hit Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscar Awards ceremony?

The incident between celebrities was due to a joke by Chris Rock about Jada Pinkett-Smitt’s alopecia problem; comments to which the actress reacted with discomfort and rolling her eyes.

Consequently, the heat of the moment caused Will Smith to get up from his seat, walk onto the stage and slap the comedian hard for disrespecting his wife.

It should be noted that since 2018 Jada has been managing a short hair ‘look’ because she suffers from an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss.

She herself has spoken openly about her condition on her talk show ‘Red Table Talk’ and for some reason the comedian came up with a joke about it.

Will Smith’s response was the slap and the words, “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth.” To which Chris Rock was stunned to end his presentation by pointing out Smith’s “crazy” for his violent reaction:

“It was just a GI Jane Show joke. Well… that was… the best night in the history of television”, concluded Rock before the discomfort of a sector of the audience.

Later, Will Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor for ‘King Richard’. Through tears and nervously, he talked about how throughout his life he has always wanted to defend his family. Without mentioning the incident, Smith apologized to those present and to the Academy, although he did not apologize for the attack.

So far, The Academy has not yet issued a statement reacting to the violent situation that was experienced in the show.