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After a close competition, the actor Will Smith won the award Oscar in the Best Actor category thanks to his work in “King Richard”. After being announced as the winner, he gave an emotional speech of thanks.

“Richard Williams was a very brave man, a defender of his family. At this point in my life, I am overwhelmed by what God is asking me to do and be in this world. (…) I know that this I know that by doing what we do, you must be able to accept abuse, that people talk crazy things about you in this business, you must have people who disrespect you, you must smile and act as if everything was OK, but Richard Williams told me, at your highest is when you have to be careful because that’s when the devil comes.”said the actor through tears upon receiving the award.

As recalled, last Tuesday, February 8, the nominees for the 2022 Oscars were announced, where 8 actors with extensive and award-winning careers stood out: Will Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch, Javier Bardem, Denzel Washington, and Andrew Garfield.

Prior to the award given by the Academies of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the favorite to be crowned winner was Will Smith for his work in “King Richard”, this because he won the Hollywood Actors Guild Award ( SAG), whose members overlap with those of the Academy.

As usual, the Oscar Awards ceremony takes place at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California, United States. This emblematic setting has hosted the award ceremony for many years.


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Oscar 2022: curiosities you didn't know about the Academy Awards
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