Óscar de la Hoya is accused of abusing a young woman

the former boxer, Óscar de la Hoya, was sued for allegedly abusing a former executive of Casa Mexico Enterprises on two occasionsa tequila distillery in which the 49-year-old boxing promoter was a partner.

According to information from the Los Angeles Times, the alleged victim filed the civil lawsuit in the Superior Court of Los Angeles, Californiarecounting the alleged attacks committed by the former boxer in March 2020 in Mexico and the United States.

The plaintiff claimed that when Óscar de la Hoya was visiting the tequila distillery in Mexico, knocked on the door of his hotel room “with his pants down to his ankles, then shoved into the room and got into his bed”.

He pointed out that the next morning, he went to Óscar de la Hoya’s room to wake him up, after he did not show up at a meeting that was organized for him to be present, and that the former Mexican-American boxer pushed her onto his bed and assaulted her.

The plaintiff stated that the second attack occurred after a dinner at Óscar de la Hoya’s house in Los Angeles, attended by executives from Casa Mexico Enterprises when, upon being alone with her, introduced an object into your body without your consent.

According to the American newspaper, The woman accused the former boxer of rape, assault, harassment, retaliation, gender discrimination and unfair dismissal.and also included in his lawsuit a series of complaints against other directors of the tequila company.

It is not the first time that the “Golden Boy” is accused of abuse and according to the Los Angeles Times, the boxing legend stressed through a statement that he is innocent, arguing that these are “malicious and unfair accusations.”

“With the 24-hour news cycle we all find ourselves in, malicious and unfair accusations are more often than not interpreted as truth without the evidence to back up their erroneous claims. I am confident that my legal team will resolve this matter and will prove my innocence.”

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