Oscar de la Hoya shows muscles in shorts and they attack him

A publication by the former American boxer, Oscar de la hoyawho wore a summer look that caused a stir and unleashed a wave of harsh criticism.

Internet users stopped at nothing and gave Oscar Dela Hoya everything after seeing him pose on the beach with a bathing suit shorts from the Dolce&gabbana brand that revealed his musculature, which is why they sent him negative messages and harsh criticism, no one missed the opportunity to write to him.

The 49-year-old businessman is one of the most beleaguered in the world of social networks and every time he appears he manages to become a trend, his publications are among the most viewed and sought after by the netizen public, who is always on the lookout for what he does .

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Óscar de la Hoya is one of those who has the most contact with his public on social networks, which always responds favorably to him. His heartfelt fans send positive and admiring comments, while his detractors look for the moment to attack.

This time was no exception and they found several flaws in the slender figure that the boxing champion boasts, they said that he ended all the figure that the Box star had.

How handsome he was.

Chicken legs.

He still likes to dress as a woman.

Before the publication of the Internet celebrity in the sea, a large number of messages continue to be posted, among which a rain of criticism that his detractors send him, there are many who are in charge of attacking his lifestyle and his way of dressing.

Oscar de la Hoya shows muscles in shorts and they attack him. Photo: Instagram

It is not the first time that Óscar de la Hoya has exposed himself with a postcard of this type, he likes to dazzle and become the center of attention, but on some occasions he becomes the target of criticism for his appearance and way of exposing himself.

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Surely the famous person is not interested in the least in what they will say and the only thing he seeks is to risk living his life to the full, which is full of luxuries and eccentricities, which can occur thanks to his achievements in boxing, a sport in which he became one of the favorites and most disciplined.

Oscar de la Hoya shows muscles in shorts and they attack him. Photo: Instagram

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