Óscar del Portal is seen buying maternity pants: it is despicable to have a lover and your wife waiting for a blessing | entertainment | Magaly Medina | Aldo Miyashiro | Fiorella Mendez | SHOWS

Through her ATV program, Magaly Medina showed new images of Óscar del Portal living in his apartment, where Aldo Miyashiro was unfaithful to his still wife Érika Villalobos with Fiorella Retiz.

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“She went out in a truck, to this store that chose a pair of pants for pregnant women, in a small size (…) they told us that she would be pregnant and he let it be known”, Magaly Medina expressed.

He then continued with: “It seems to me something nefarious, terrible, it seems despicable from every point of view. I suppose that she will be analyzing what she should do (…) the situation is not easy, but it seems disrespectful to me to have a lover and to have your wife waiting for one more blessing for your family.

MAIL |  Óscar del Portal would still live in the depa del ampay and is seen buying maternity pants

Magaly Medina and why she did not spread the ampay of Bárbara Cayo: “she told me that they were going to take her children away from her”

During his visit to the “JB en ATV” program, Magaly Media gave details about Aldo Miyashiro’s notorious uncovering with Fiorella Retiz and what was the reason why he did not broadcast Bárbara Cayo’s ampay.

“That’s why I don’t talk to my protected ones (…) I already did once. I had taken several ampays from Bárbara Cayo and she had one more. I’m going to tell it. The thing is, we had a video after Thorton. Then we had another ampay of hers and she calls me. I didn’t want to talk to her because we were going to take pictures of her, but I ended up talking to everyone and they convinced me to talk to her because she was desperate and cried and cried ”Magaly said.

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He then continued with: “I answered her, because she is a woman who is a mother and had already separated from her first husband because of the first ampay. I answered her and she told me: ‘Look, if you take out that ampay, my ex-husband is going to take my daughters from me, please, I beg you, I beg you’. So, I said okay. I’ve never done it before, because the researchers get mad at me when I ask them to do something like that, because it’s their job. So, it’s like disrespecting them.”