Óscar D’León on the Bad Bunny controversy: “An artist must be humble with the public” | celebs-a summer without you-controversy | SHOWS

Venezuelan artist Óscar D’León, who is in Mexico to participate in a festival in the southeast of the country, commented that an artist “must be humble with the public,” criticizing the behavior of Bad Bunnywho threw a fan’s cell phone into the sea when she tried to take a picture with him.

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There are no secrets for an artist to transcend, they just have to be humble with the public, offer love and be honest at all times.”, declared the artist in an interview with EFE, prior to his participation in the Mérida Fest.

He, also known as the ‘Salsa Lion’, who has conquered various generations with his music, did not need to give names to give a forceful message to those young artists who attack their fans.

An artist owes himself to the public and the press, without you we cannot do anything and on the other hand, he must understand that his work, such as recordings and presentations, are important to have a good behavior on the street and not make mistakesD’Leon said.

The salsa singer stated that the artist should not discourage the public, “there is no need to get angry, or have strange movements when they ask you to sign an autograph or take a picture”, advised the Venezuelan.

As you remember, Bad Bunny was harshly criticized after throwing a fan’s cell phone, since he supposedly would have taken an insistent attitude to take a picture with him.