Oscar D’León: “The singer must be humble to break that barrier between the public and the artist”

Venezuelan singer Oscar D’León, who is in Mexico to participate in a festival in the southeast of the country, said this Saturday that an artist “must be humble with the public,” thus criticizing the controversial behavior of the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny, who threw a fan’s cell phone into the sea.

“There are no secrets for an artist to transcend, he just has to be humble with the public, offer love and be honest at all times,” he said in an interview with EFE, prior to his participation in the Mérida Fest.

He is also known as the “León de la salsa”, who has conquered the public of different generations in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean, He did not need to give names, but he gave a veiled and forceful message for those young artists who violate their fans.

“An artist owes himself to the public and the press, without you we cannot do anything and, on the other hand, he must understand that his work, such as recordings and presentations, are important to have good behavior on the street and not make mistakes,” he explained. the singer, during his visit to the southern Mexican state of Yucatan.

The salsa singer affirmed that the artist should not discourage the public, “You should not get angry, or have strange movements when they ask you to sign an autograph or take a photo”, advised the Venezuelan who came to the Yucatecan capital to offer a concert, as part of the 481 years of the founding of Mérida.

According to a video shared on social networks, during a walk through La Romana, in the eastern Dominican Republic, a fan tried to take a selfie with the reggaeton artist Bad Bunny, who He snatched up the phone and threw it into the water.

The singer’s attitude has also been strongly criticized in the Dominican Republic, where some even advised the young fan to initiate actions against the musician for assault.

In this context, D’Leon reiterated that “the singer must be humble to break that barrier between the public and the artist”.


The winner of a Grammy, the Golden Seagull and other awards in Latin America, explained that he has many projects for this 2023, but he affirmed that while they arrive the agenda is being prepared in the physical, mental and spiritual.

“I have to prepare myself eagerly to continue pleasing the public,” said the interpreter of songs like “Llorarás”, “My children”, “No rancor”, “Mata Siguaraya”, among others, with a smile.

He exalted that his work is done with love and stressed that his orchestra “is not like any other, because we are not a magazine, we play what the public asks of us, because we are always prepared to please them with any subject,” he asserted.

D’León revealed that the key to his success in these 50-year career has been that he makes decisions that make him feel good.

“Like exercising, (smoking) zero cigarettes, no alcohol. I am happy and very grateful with life”.