Oscar Isaac finds Marvel productions too uptight

While corpses and violence can be seen again and again in US films, nudity is met with criticism – says Hollywood actor Oscar Isaac. He would like to see more bare skin, especially from Marvel.

the essentials in brief

  • Marvel productions are too uptight for US actor Oscar Isaac (43) and could be more revealing.

“Marvel films should show naked genitals, more like in European productions,” said the Hollywood star (“Star Wars”, “Dune”) to the news portal “Watson”.

Isaac criticized the fact that depictions of violence are commonplace in US productions, but that there is a reticence when it comes to nudity. «This is so ridiculous. You can show corpses anywhere, but with sex scenes you’ll be rejected. It’s this bizarre American prudery that ultimately leads to everything being over-sexualized in this country.”

The Guatemalan-born actor and his colleague May Calamawy play lovers in the new Marvel series “Moon Knight” – characters Steven and Layla share an awkward kiss in the fourth episode.

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