Oscars 2022: mega scandal in front of the camera

In the night from March 27th to March 28th, the oscars awarded. A spicy scandal ensued – live in front of millions of viewers.

  • In Los Angeles, the oscars awarded
  • Will Smith and Chris Rock also met that evening – because of Jada Pinkett-Smith, the situation escalated in front of the camera
  • When Chris Rock made a tacky joke about Will Smith’s 50-year-old wife’s bald head, Smith slapped the actor in the face

Oscars 2022: This situation left you speechless

Finally! The Dolby Theater in Los Angeles was last night for the 94th time the most coveted prize in film history was awarded – at this year’s award ceremony oscars met again in America all stars and starlets the industry to celebrate the nominees and winners together.

And although the Academy Awards are usually always a for all actors, guests and participants emotional evening is, there was a situation this year that the viewers catch your breath let. But what happened?

Actually, Chris wanted to be on the big stage of the Rock oscars only the Golden Boy Award for Best Documentary, but when he allowed a joke pointed at Jada Pinkett-Smith, her husband, Will Smith, apparently snapped collar

Will Smith: Attack on Chris Rock

So Chris Rock had one tasteless jokes allowed over the bald head of the 50-year-old, behind the one sad story is – namely the disease alopecia, in which those affected are more severe hairlessness To suffer. However, Will Smith found this remark anything but funny and rushed onto the stage to greet the actor in front of the camera to slap in the face. To this he explained:

Don’t put my wife’s name in your damn mouth.

Awesome! Chris Rock was also shocked after the incident – ​​even the production didn’t have time to think about it swear words to beep and the hall showed itself stunned from the event. In the meantime, however, everyone involved has the situation cleared and at least Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith could laugh again.

Source used: Image, Promiflash, ProSieben