Osiris Romanov seeks to counter gender violence as Miss Gay PR Plus 2022

After obtaining the title of Miss Gay Puerto Rico Plus 2022 last December, the Osiris Romanov transformist has clear goals, among which is to represent the island in the cWorldwide International contest.

“Being queen of the Plus category is now my responsibility and I wish to be able to represent Puerto Rico in the Worldwide International contest in said division in November 2022.”

As a survivor of gender violence, Osiris told this newspaper that she seeks to counteract it and educate people.

“One of the reasons why I chose to be a candidate and what led me to work hard to become Queen of MGPR Plus was precisely that this platform, more than a beauty queen, seeks agents of change with tangible and influential proposals to impact our Therefore, since before the contest, during my reign and after it, my commitment has been to educate and seek to counter the issues of violence, especially domestic violence, since I am a survivor of a domestic violence relationship. Show that violence does not have genders, or race and that no matter what you call it, it will always be violence.


The Puerto Rican transvestite has an education in Fine Arts, coaching and leadership at the Siente y Vive life school, has collaborated with several non-profit entities with social impact and is also an instructor of Fine Arts and emotional intelligence in residential public.

Osiris is part of the Miss Gay Puerto Rico organization, which prepares Puerto Rican artists to represent the island in various international competitions aimed at the LGBTTTIQ+ community.