“Otherwise I get insulted”: Matt Pokora forced to respond to this request from his fans!

By Carla Biancarelli

– Published on 04 Jan 2023 at 07:42 PM

During an interview for Konbini, Matt Pokora made a surprising confidence about an insistent request from his audience.

For nearly 20 years, Matt Pokora has been one of the favorite singers of the French. Since his debut on Popstars and his boy band, Linkup, the artist has come a long way. Indeed, he exploded with his solo career and released many cult hits. In parallel, the star is the proud father of two boys, Isaiah and Kenna, and the stepfather of a little girl, named Violet. A nice family that he formed with his companion, the American singer and actress Christina Milian. Moreover, he recently confided in his unique encounter with the mother of his children. Recently, Matt Pokora released his 9th album called Epicenter. A new opus in which the 37-year-old man addresses themes such as love, fatherhood, his couple, his family. As ” My ‘Epicenter’,

This Matt Pokora song that his fans absolutely want

In full promotion, Matt Pokora confided in this title in the columns of Le Parisien. “I can’t make a record with this title without mentioning this tidal wave and earthquake that took place in my life with the arrival of my two children. It had a big impact on my personal life.”, he confided. An album that he will perform from June 10, 2023, on the occasion of his tour Epicenter Tower at Paris La Defense Arena. To start the year 2023, the media Konbini posted his interview with the singer. An interview in which he returned to one of the flagship titles of his repertoire: She controls me. Released in 2004, the artist continues to sing it 19 years later. “It’s a must, that one. I have to sing it on every tour, otherwise I get insulted by my audience.”he revealed.

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Matt Pokora then explained the genesis of this hit recorded almost two decades ago. “As soon as I heard the chorus, I knew it was a hit. There were a bit of two songs in one, the fact that the verses are quite spacey and that suddenly the chorus has a dancehall, Afro-Caribbean rhythm. And the title, I immediately found it enormous », he explained. In 2006, the tube was also awarded the title of ” Francopohone song of the year ” during the NRJ Music Awards. It was the start of a long love affair between the star and the ceremony. Since then, he has won 19 others throughout his career!

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