Oti Mabuse: “I’m so shaken inside”: her niece dies at 28

Oti Mabuse (31) mourns her niece Tlhogi. “You were only 28 years old, but you were already the dearest and sweetest person in my life. I lost my niece, my little sister and my best friend,” writes the sister of “Let’s Dance” star Motsi Mabuse (40). Instagram.

In addition, she shows a series of pictures that show her with her niece. “I’m so shaken inside I can’t even begin to describe the pain,” she says.

In the video above, Motsi Mabuse shares a child’s photo with her sisters!

Oti Mabuse: She does not mention the cause of her niece’s death

And further: “Life has dealt you the hardest card, but you always chose to win, you always fought for it … I love you with all my heart and now you’re gone and I feel in more than one Lost perspective because of a pain I’ve never felt before.” Oti does not mention how Tlhogi died.

The rhythm is in the blood of the Mabuse family. In addition to “Let’s Dance” juror Motsi Mabuse (40), who just had to worry about her parents-in-law in Ukraine, her sister Oti is also a professional dancer. For the past seven years she has demonstrated this on the British original of the RTL dance show called “Strictly Come Dancing”.