Ottfried Fischer: How is he doing today with his Parkinson’s disease?

“Don’t worry, I don’t do rhymes” – with this saying, cabaret artist Ottfried Fischer took the stage in 2008 after he had made his Parkinson’s disease public. In a BR documentary he says: Humor and love help him deal with “Mr. Parkinson”.

The illness affects Ottfried Fischer. But, as the 68-year-old says in a new episode of the “Lebenslinien” series on Bavarian television, he’s still lucky. After all, he enjoys excellent care and is not in a home.

Ottfried Fischer and his wife Simone: This is how they deal with Parkinson’s

This happiness is made possible by his wife Simone. The couple has been going through life together for 13 years. In the 45-minute post, the two tell how they came to terms with “Mr. Parkinson”. The episode “Ottfried Fischer and Mr. Parkinson” can be seen on Easter Monday (April 18, 10 p.m.) on BR television.

Author and director Manuela Roppert visits the cabaret artist and his wife in Passau and accompanies the couple in their everyday life – always there: Mr. Parkinson. It costs both of them strength. “If I could, I would decide against Parkinson’s,” says Ottfried Fischer. Because: “Something else is beautiful.”

But the disease couldn’t tear them apart. On the contrary. Ottfried and Simone got married in a civil registry office in 2020. There should also still be a church blessing, which has so far been prevented by the corona pandemic.

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How is Ottfried Fischer today?

The 68-year-old is mostly in a wheelchair, writing is becoming increasingly difficult for him and he takes singing lessons for his voice. In 2017 he moved from Munich to Passau – to the house where his grandparents lived and where he spent parts of his childhood.

Here he feels safe and at home, as he says. And the people in Passau were happy that he was there. He feels it every time he visits the weekly market, when passers-by recognize and approach him. Sometimes people are a bit self-conscious about him because they don’t know how to deal with him and the disease. Then Fischer helps with a few humorous sayings.

Ottfried Fischer’s family: Father Werner was able to experience success before his death

On a trip to the country, he visits his brother, who continues to run the family farm. It was noticed early on that Ottfried’s talents lie in the entertainment field. The brothers show old family photos and remember what they say was a happy childhood. He goes to the boarding school in Fürstenzell with a former school friend, where they had attracted attention with cabaret shows.

The fact that he wanted to go on stage instead of becoming a lawyer made him feel guilty about his father for a long time. Because he had wanted an academic career for his filius. Ottfried Fischer is all the more happy that his father witnessed the first successes before he died.

Career of Ottfried Fischer: He celebrated his breakthrough with this series

The BR series “Irgendwie und Sowieso” by director Franz Xaver Bogner provided Fischer’s breakthrough. In the mid-1990s, “Der Bulle von Tölz” took off steeply. Then came the Parkinson’s diagnosis. As one of Fischer’s long-time companions says, this separated the wheat from the chaff for the actor – in terms of friendships and professional commitments.

If he has a sag because of Parkinson’s, his wife Simone is there. You couldn’t do it without love, she says.

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