Ottfried Fischer: “I know that I was very close to death”

Ottfried Fischer (68) suffers from Parkinson’s disease. In 2008, the actor made his illness public. In an interview with the magazine “Frau im Spiegel”, the “Bull von Tölz” now spoke about his poor health.

He is confined to a wheelchair most of the time, suffers from osteoarthritis in his knees and can only walk short distances. “I was on a waiting list for an operation for over half a year, and now I finally have a new knee joint,” said Fischer. Because of the corona pandemic, the operation had to be postponed several times.

In the video above you can see his touching performance at the comedy award!

Ottfried Fischer: Church wedding had to be postponed

A few years ago he also suffered from blood poisoning and was in a coma for a while. “I know I was very close to death. Even though I wasn’t conscious, I kind of felt someone pinching my chest. I was like, ah, so this is serious.”

His wife Simone (51), with whom he lives in his grandparents’ house in Passau, is his great support. The two have been legally married since 2020. The church wedding was supposed to follow in 2021, but Corona thwarted the plan here too. “You can’t plan anything. We would like to do it, you never know how much time you have left on earth.”

Next year the actor will be 70 years old. He already has a birthday wish: “I want to meet a lot of friends before it’s too late.”