Otto Sirgo remembers what Amber Heard was like when she was the girlfriend of Valentino Lanús

Mexico City.- Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard They continue in the eye of the hurricane as they are in full legal action, locked up in the courts and their eyes on the whole world, so several Mexican fans remembered when the actress was dating the Mexican Valentino Lanusat that time when he was a sought-after soap opera heartthrob.

In this sense, one of the celebrities who lived with them when they had a love relationship was Otto Sirgo who remembered what that stage was like.

The first actor recounted during an interview with the Ventaneando program how he met the star of Hollywoodsince he used to come to Mexico to see Lanús and they coincided when Valentino and Otto were partners in the telenovela “Amar sinlimites”.

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Valentino Lanus had an affair with Amber Heard in 2006. Photo: Special.

“It was several years ago… Amber had come to visit Valentino in Mexico, Valentino and I were recording a telenovela together and one of the main sets was a house in Cocoyoc, and while Valentino was recording and I wasn’t, I loved it. put me on a lounger in the pool to sunbathe, Amber arrived, did the same and we started talking … the truth is we got along very well, “he said.

In addition, the theater and television actor revealed an anecdote that happened in 2006, once the producer of the melodrama, Ignacio Alarcón, decided to take a break from recording and took the opportunity to travel to San Miguel de Allende and see if everything was going well in his restaurant “La Toscana”.

“Suddenly there was a break in the soap opera for a vacation or something like that and I went to San Miguel to see Maleni (his wife) to see how the business was going and they fell for me (Valentino and Amber), they fell for me to eat here at the restaurant and we were there, “Otto said.

The actor claims to be unaware of Amber’s character and everything that is said about her Photo: Special.

In this legal process against Depp, several testimonies against Heard are emerging that indicate that, in the marriage she had with the actor, on several occasions she became violent with him.

So Sirgo was questioned about Amber’s character and gave his opinion based on the short time he met the actress. “At that time she was a very nice girl, very normal, we talked a lot because she was learning a script because she was going to film an episode… From what I read about the trial and everything she does, she is not the same Amber that I knew the truth,” he assured.

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