Otto Waalkes and other celebrities mourn Hans Herbert Böhrs

In Hamburg he has been a true icon for many years. Hans Herbert Böhrs has now died at the age of 82. Celebrities like Otto Waalkes mourn.

the essentials in brief

  • The comedian and musician has passed away at the age of 82.
  • According to his son, he suffered from pneumonia and heart and kidney failure.
  • The sadness is great. Numerous celebrities have commented on social media.

Mourning for Hans Herbert Böhrs (1940-2022): The musician, comedian, radio presenter and actor died at the age of 82. His son Sebastian Rockendorf confirmed this to the “Bild” newspaper: “The grief is huge.” Böhrs was considered one of the founding fathers of the “Hamburg scene” and had also been the organizer of the legendary LiLaBe disguise party in Hamburg since 1976.

According to Rockendorf, this should continue to take place. Böhrs’ son also explains that his father recently suffered from pneumonia. His heart also had only “ten percent pump capacity”, “then kidney failure came along”.

Celebrities say goodbye

In the meantime, some celebrities have said goodbye to social media, above all Otto Waalkes (73). “Farewell to an old friend,” writes the comedian to a photo of Böhrs on Instagram and Twitter.

Musician Rolf Zuckowski (74) commented on Waalkes’ post on Instagram with touching words: “He was such a good guy. Always helpful, always positive and encouraging. We remember him with gratitude.”

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