Ouch, Christian Nodal suffers an accident on stage and is caught on video

During the closing of his concert in Guatemalathe Mexican regional singer, Christian Nodal, has an accident on stage, and it was caught on video, ouch! Through the networks, the mishap that occurred just at the end of his recent presentation in Central America was evidenced, as well as the aftermath that it left him.

After a successful tour of Mexico and Latin America, Christian Nodal offered a concert in guatemalawhere everything was almost perfect, because at the end of his presentation, the interpreter of Goodbye Love he sprained his anklefalling to the ground injured.

Although he immediately got up to continue with his show, the pain was evident, as he could barely flatten his foot to walk, consequences that could be seen through his stories on Instagram, where he showed his extremely swollen foot and bandagingwhich may have resulted in a sprain.

In it video circulating through social networks, a euphoric Christian Nodal running around on stage, wearing skintight leather pants, a black T-shirt, a vest, and a pair of white pointed toe boots with a chunky heel. In one of the artist’s steps, one of his boots bent to the floor, causing the painful ankle accident.

“Today I kissed the stage,” wrote Christian Nodal in one of his stories, where he added the photo of his bandaged foot.

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Although he did not specify what type of injury he suffered, whether it was a sprain, a simple inflammation or even a fracture, he undoubtedly caused concern among his fans, who did not stop sending him good vibes for his speedy recovery.

his love life

But that was not the only surprise that the 23-year-old native of Caborca, Sonora gave, since he also generated uncertainty in his audience when he arrived at Guatemala very well accompanied by a young girl, whom he was holding by the hand, different from the other women with whom he has recently been seen as more than friends.

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And it is that, since his relationship and commitment to the singer of Spanish origin ended, Belinda, Christian Nodal He has not stopped showing himself in public with one and another different woman, while the interpreter of Love at first sight She is still focused on her return to acting with the series welcome to edenwhich has positioned itself in the first places on Netflix in different countries.

Also his song Edenfrom the same series, is also one of the most successful on all the popularity charts, so her return to music and acting has been a complete success, after several years without projects of this type.

For its part, Christian Nodal He has also stood out in his career, recently winning several awards for his music, filling concerts and placing himself at the top of the world’s popularity charts.

As if that were not enough, he was recently surprised to speak for the first time about his breakup with Belinda and the unclosed possibility of a reconciliation. And it is that, through an interview with the Despierta América program, the interpreter of Bottle after Bottle, Tell me how you want Y they didn’t tell you wrongsurprised by assuring that he has continued to chat with his ex, after their breakup.

“… We have had talks, but I don’t know, they are things that go from life… we have had talks but as I told you, I don’t know in what position life puts us… it is not a definitive no nor is it a definitive yes … I forgive everything, that he continues with that woman is different, the essential thing is to forgive”, Nodal pointed out.

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