Our daily challenge: can you solve Monday’s riddle? – Eme – 09/06/2021

The intelligence is the mental ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, understand complex ideas, learn quickly and learn of the experience.

Today’s Challenge: Linked Words.

Complete the following grid by finding the corresponding words. Definitions (unordered) are given below:

• Ability, ability to do something.
• Thing that is insignificant or of very little value.
• Rocky celestial body, smaller than a planet and larger than a meteoroid.
• Skilled, skilled in an art or trade.
• Musical note.
• Part of the day between noon and dusk.
• Historical period characterized by great innovation in ways of life and culture.
• That has stretch marks.
Each word is formed by removing a letter from the previous one. Rearranging the discarded letters forms a word that meets the following definition: Person who causes boredom.



Ana abbona.  Photo: El País Archive

Spoiler alert!

Solution: Asteroid. Fluted. Right-handed. Mite. Late. Art. Was. Re. Extra word: Tedious.

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