Our daily challenge: can you solve Thursday’s riddle? – Eme – 09/23/2021

Having a good night’s sleep helps you think clearly. If you don’t get enough rest, you may have trouble concentrating.

Today’s Challenge: Staggered Words

Complete the following grid finding the corresponding words. Definitions (unordered) are given below:
• Affiliate or supporter of a person, sect, association, idea, etc.
• Given to someone to use for some time, returning it later.
• Call a person by a name that is not yours.
• Person who is fond of sports or knows them.
• Putting goods or objects of value in the custody or guardianship of a natural or legal person who is obliged to answer for them when requested.
• Task of cutting the superfluous branches of the plants to benefit them.
• Tube filled with gunpowder that produces a large detonation when set on fire.

Each word is formed by removing a letter from the previous one. By rearranging the discarded letters, a word is formed that meets the following definition: Denoting grief or melancholy.


Spoiler alert!

Solution: Athlete. To deposit. Borrowed. Firecracker. Adept. Nickname Pruning. Extra word: Sad.

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