OUT OF HIM, Bad Bunny throws fan’s phone in water (video)

A video posted to Twitter on Monday shows Bad bunny accosted by the woman in the Dominican Republic as she tries to take a selfie with him on her cellphone. Visibly irritated by her presence, the musician snatches the phone from her hands and throws it into a nearby body of water.

Bad bunny returned to his gesture in a tweet. The 28-year-old rapper refuses to apologize for throwing away the fan’s phone, saying she got what she deserved for her “lack of respect“.

The person who comes to me to say hello, to say something to me, or simply to meet me, will always receive my attention and my respect.“, he wrote.Anyone who comes and puts a fucking phone in my face, I’ll consider it for what it is, disrespect, and I’ll treat it the same.

Fans remained divided, with some saying the singer went too far with his phone-throwing behavior. I understand that he have needs his personal space but he can’t be there trying to live a normal life when he’s a big celebrity“, wrote a fan. “People are going to pick on him.”

wow ! He or his representatives better buy him another phone“said another person.No matter what she told him, he has no right to throw away his phone“.

He can’t just damage people’s property. He could have just walked away from her or called security. He begins to lose touch with reality“, gets carried away a third person. Other people defended the singer, saying he was “tired” and had “need a break“.

Bad bunny recently told Billboard that he will take some much-needed rest in the new year after his huge “World’s hottest Tower” in 2022.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/hors-de-lui-bad-bunny-jette-le-telephone-d-une-fan-dans-l-eau-video–1424876.aspx