Overcame psychiatric treatment and 4 fibroids

PHOTOS: OCTAVIO LAZCANO. The recordings of Corona de lágrimas almost became hell for Lola Merino after a surgical intervention that shook her physical and emotional health. 2022 was just beginning and the actress had to find a solution to be able to meet the producer José Alberto Castro.

“I ended up at the psychiatrist because I was experiencing depression; I began to feel anxiety, I became very sensitive, I cried for anything, I didn’t like everything, I slept very badly, that is, I became another person, and in March I went to the clinic on the recommendation of Nacho Sada, who is a friend of my whole life and she was worried when I told her what I was experiencing”, says the artist.


Desperate to find the light after the tunnel, the Spanish followed the advice of the novel producer who sent her to therapy.

“One day we were having coffee, I told him what was happening to me and he assured me that his niece was a very good psychiatrist; I was in the soap opera (second part of Corona de lágrimas), but I wasn’t enjoying it, I had tachycardia, and after a month of treatment I began to see improvement, it’s been wonderful for me, now I take anxiety pills and that has changed my life, I’m a different person, I’m happy, excited… It’s just that before I used to forget things a lot, it was horrible, I couldn’t even remember the names, and since I started treatment I’m better, happy, I am not afraid, because even getting into the car scared me; It was horrible to live like this, and the pills don’t make me addicted, they’ll gradually take them away from me”.

Lola affirms that she does meditation, yoga and exercises, in addition, she tries to attend the psychiatrist once a month. “It is very difficult when they take away those hormones that the body produces, it changes your life, so I am very lazy to go to the gym, but I go for the health issue, you have to strengthen your muscles. Doctors recommend that for a good life you have to eat well, exercise, have great friends, a social life… I also do intermittent fasting, and that brings a lot of benefits”.

To strengthen his immune system he takes vitamins, because “the doctor who operated on me sent me some hormone gel, but they didn’t work for me, then some pills, we had to go looking for what I liked. I have had to change my diet; I really like red meat, but I can’t eat it like before, maybe once a month. I do eat chicken and fish frequently, but not red meat, you feel something strange in your body when you eat it. Besides, every day I drink my glass of wine, it’s great for everything”.


The interpreter of Mercedes in the second part of Corona de lágrimas recalls the episode that set off her alarms: “I ended up in the emergency room, I had been bleeding non-stop for three or four months, getting stronger and stronger. Every year I go to my gynecology office, but everything went well, although one day I couldn’t stand the bleeding and it started to hurt a lot. What scared me the most is that it wouldn’t stop bleeding. I thought the pain was due to colic, but I went to the gynecologist, told him what was happening, and that same day I stayed in the hospital, they operated on me and removed a fibroid the size of a baby’s head, and other three were like guavas.”

Merino refers that prior to the surgery she did not feel discomfort, she led her normal life, but it was the bleeding that led her to think that something was out of control.

“Studies were done, but everything was fine (there were no cancer cells). I am a 50-year-old woman, so they removed my womb and ovaries because my mother had ovarian cancer at around 70 years of age. My ovaries were perfect, but the doctor preferred to remove them as a precaution, and when they were removed, my life changed a lot.”

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