Ozutochi returns Ozuna to his essence | shows

After two years and a process that he described as “a little odyssey”, the urban interpreter, Ozunaputs his fifth studio album up for public consideration, Ozutochiwith which, he assures, he returns to his artistic essence.

“Ozutochi is an album that took us about two years, more on the music than on the concept… We mixed the album three times, we stopped it three more times. It was a bit of an ordeal, but at the end of the day we love the product. From the interpretation to all these rhythms that bring different colors”, highlighted the Puerto Rican.

This new musical proposal includes 18 songs such as The cup Y I think of you, previously released. In addition, the artist includes a dozen collaborations on the album that follows Odyssey (2017), Aura (2018), Nibiru (2019) and Enoch (2020).

Among the reunions, the single Mar Chiquita stands out, together with the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Pedro Capo.

“It is a concept and a love story in Puerto Rico. In the video we bring a ‘top’ model in the world to what is the concept of a normal life. There is not this high expectation that because we are artists we are millionaires. We have an ordinary life. (To that life) we bring it, to the sack of Puerto Rico, as we say, that it takes the beer, that it goes to the neighborhood, that is part of the concept of the video, ”explained Jan Carlos Ozuna, the performer’s first name.

They also say present in Ozutochi Chencho Corleone, Arcángel, J Balvin, Randy, Tokischa, Nesi, Tini, Danny Ocean, Feid, El Cherry Y Omega.

The 30-year-old artist assures that in this work “the essence is Ozuna, the tones, the reggaeton and the classic Ozuna tone, what people like” prevails.

As is customary, El Negro de Ojos Claros integrates a bear on the cover of the musical bet.

With this proposal, the singer-songwriter seeks to recreate the situations that could happen to anyone when they stay in a hotel.

“These different types of situations that happen in the hotel, like, for example, the card does not open for me, I have to go down to find the elevator, I find the couple fighting … It is part of connecting with the fans and having them sit there. within this concept. That’s why it’s called Ozutochi,” added the voice of Tomorrow.

Between digital and analog

The artist participated in the entire production process of the album.

“We wanted the album to have a perfect sound, to have that between digital and analog sound. It brings the instrumental, it brings new things within what was a reggaeton track and like the single Mañana, which has a sound from iZaak’s voice, that’s part of what the track is, so it’s a bit like bringing new things to what production is”, he added to THE SPOKESPERSON.

Meanwhile, he assures that he had the opportunity to explore new sounds in cuts like Un Lío with Omega and 4:22 with Danny Ocean.

“Those two songs are two songs that we innovate a lot in terms of sound from my interpretation, because it’s not easy to get on a mambo with Omega and get there in the ‘timing’. The Cielo Rosado theme also has something new, which is a mix of electronic rhythms with music from Brazil. It is a combination of many sounds that is not so easy to make people understand the urban behind this sound”, he acknowledged.

Ozutochi’s departure will also mark the singer’s new concert tour, which he envisions for 2023. In the coming weeks, he will reveal the start date of the “tour” in Puerto Rico.

Ready for the Soccer World Cup

On the other hand, since August Ozuna has been playing all over the world with Archbothe official theme of the Soccer World Cup, together with the Congolese artist, GIMS.

With this opportunity, the vocalist becomes the second Puerto Rican to set foot on that world sports stage. The first was Ricky Martin in 1998, with the theme Copa de la vida.

This opportunity came “out of the blue” and he assures that he assimilated it when he traveled to Qatar to film the official video of the song.

“I am not going to tell you that it is something that was in my goals or in my dreams, because I never imagined I would get to do that so big. You always have high expectations, but not that high. For me it is a goal that I think I was going to have in some three or four more years and it was fulfilled”, he pointed out about one of the most watched events globally and that will take place from November 20 to December 18.

The artist hopes to be present at the closing ceremony.

Present at Fiona’s recovery

On the other hand, the vocalist, who lives in Puerto Rico, was present when the island was hit by Hurricane Fiona.

The interpreter, who has been characterized by helping those most in need, did not hesitate to go out on the street after the passage of the category 1 phenomenon, to bring help to the affected families.

“I know that Puerto Rico, being a country that we are like a family, so united, when these situations happen quickly, we help our neighbor and that was the most I saw on the street. I saw people helping each other. I saw many houses destroyed, which touched my soul. I wish I could have peace to fix everything, but what happened and what is still happening is extremely big. I want to give strength to Puerto Rico, bring it as far as I can, help and music so that they feel that breath of hope and want to continue forward”, reiterated the artist, who also keeps his Odisea Children foundation alive.

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