P Sports, the innovative corner that unites sports fans in the capital

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Inspired by sports, since his childhood, Francisco He dreamed of his own company making shirts for the European league and all kinds of accessories that would make it easier for Honduran fans to keep up with the big trends. Although it has not been an easy task, he managed to fulfill his dream and today he enjoys the honeys of success thanks to his dedication and effort.

The entrepreneur opened the doors to THE HERALD to confess his great achievements, challenges and motivations that drive him to get up every morning with the challenge of being more and more competitive with his brand P Sports.

“Our greatest motivation is to bring the passion of the sport to each of the different corners of the country, we seek that the passion of the sport becomes a lifestyle. More than clothing and accessories, we are culture, we are innovation and we are a community,” he said. Francis Cardona, owner of the store, which emanates the smell of sports from the moment he enters.

The shirts of the different world teams stand out on the walls with an abundance of bright colors, the smell of clean and new excites, in addition to the order that each of its innovative accessories that seem to be posing in their showcases reflects.

Cardona or ‘Paco’, as his relatives affectionately call him and it is presumed to represent the beginning of his business, opened his store when he was a student and has remained firm despite the various economic, social and political problems that the country has faced.

The popularity of the store has been so great that they have already managed to retain a large number of customers, becoming a field in the catracho market since 2010.

Likewise, the entrepreneur commented that “despite the fact that many sports have traditionally been focused on men, in recent years women have been included and today they form a great pillar in the demand for sports products.”

Another of the achievements of the systems engineer is that he has been able to employ 11 people with his venture, which he plans to expand to various regions of the Honduran territory.

Although creativity and sacrifice are the tools that Cardona has used to carry out his ideas, the leading role of this venture is taken by his love for sports, without distinction, since it is the root that unites the great tree of fans in the capital. And you? Have you visited P Sports yet?

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Francisco offers the Honduran population products such as sports shirts, jacket and sweatshirt sets, caps, hats, scarves, backpacks, as well as other sports accessories such as soccer, basketball, American football, baseball, tennis, among others.

P Sportsthe entrepreneur’s store, is located in Torres Tepeyac, Colonia Tepeyac and is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

They also find them on Facebook as P Sports and on Instagram as psportshn; Their customer service telephone number is 9452-8527.

“I invite all the residents of the capital to visit our store. We can guarantee that every week you will find a great diversity of products and sporting goods”, he concluded.

Francis Cardona shared with THE HERALD Some tips to start a business. A lot of attention!

– It is necessary before undertaking to strengthen personal skills, such as finance, accounting, marketing and social networks.

– Determine the scope of the products and services to offer, in order to determine the target market.

The perfect gifts for soccer lovers are found at P Sports.