Pablo Aguilera dies, Juan Gabriel’s brother who could never show his own songs

With the death of Juan Gabriel on August 28, 2016, his brother Pablo Aguilera became a source of anecdotes since they not only lived their childhood together, but it was Pablo who lived on the ranch in Parácuaro, Michoacán, one of the first properties acquired by Divo de Juárez.

Pablo Aguilera died today at the age of 84 on the ranch where he lived. Although his cause of death has not been confirmed, it is known that he suffered from various illnesses, including some heart conditions.

Among the stories that he used to talk about his relationship with Juan Gabriel, Pablo Aguilera said that he always wanted to share that he was also a composer and singer.

“I once wanted to talk to him about my music and my songs but when I was about to tell him, an idea arose from him that he got up and left and I didn’t have time to tell him anything,” he told Venga la alegría.

The Parácuaro ranch was, after the death of Juan Gabriel, the reason for a dispute between Pablo and Iván Aguilera, son and universal heir to the fortune of Divo de Juárez.

Pablo Aguilera assured that this ranch belonged to him since Juanga had given it to him while he was alive but he did not have enough documents to legally support his statement, so after a five-year trial, a judge determined that the property was part of the inheritance that belongs to him to Ivan Aguilera.

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