Pablo Aguilera, the last of Juan Gabriel’s 8 siblings, dies at the age of 84

Mexico.- Pablo Aguilerathe last brother of john gabrieldied at the age of 84, inside the ranch of paracuaro, Michoacanwhich he claimed, the famous Mexican singer-songwriter had inherited from him.

The news was revealed this Friday, and although Pablo Aguilera suffered from heart problems, the cause of his death is unknown.

Pablo Aguilera was the last living brother of the singer-songwriter. In the image of him with his brothers Virginia and Juan Gabriel, as well as his mother Victoria Valadez. Photo: Special.

His last moments were lived in the ranch that, he claimed, Juan Gabriel had inherited from him, but after his death in 2016, his nephew ivan aguilera He claimed the property and the authority agreed with him.

The day they tell me that it has to be delivered, I do it. I am here because Alberto did this (the ranch), and the little house where I am, I made it, just for that reason, but later God will say. I hope it doesn’t happen,” Pablo Aguilera said in an interview with a television station about the ranch.

And he implied that he did not want to fight with his nephew for his brother’s heritage and that is what happened, since he stayed in his house paracuaro until the last day.

On one occasion he said that his brother’s best inheritance were the plants and trees that he planted on the ranch and that even led him to dream of them.

Iván Aguilera kept the Michoacán ranch that Juan Gabriel had already inherited from his brother Pablo. In the photo, Iván carrying the ashes of his father. Photo: Special.

I have dreamed it, very vaguely, not as if it were real, one of those little dreams when one wakes up who wants to continue dreaming, but I already know that all this is only dreamed of, “he shared.

Before the interpreter of “Dear”Pablo did not speak with Iván and their relationship worsened when his nephew fought over the assets left by Juan Gabriel and which included the ranch of Michoacan.

In the last years of Pablo Aguilera, he had as income the Welfare Pension for Older Adults that the Federal Government gives.

Juan Gabriel’s brothers were Virginia, Jose Guadalupe, Pink, Miguel, Gabriel and three by name raphael who died at a young age

Pablo Aguilera never wanted to fight in any way with his nephew Iván Aguilera, with whom he never had a relationship. Photo: Special.

Pablo Aguilera was a composer

In several interviews that Pablo Aguilera gave to various television stations, he stated that he also composed songs, which he could never show Juan Gabriel, because when he tried, the Divo got up and left.

On one occasion I wanted to talk to him about my music and my songs, but when I was about to tell him, an idea arose from him, he got up and left, I didn’t have time to tell him anything anymore, ”said Pablo Aguilera.

Pablo Aguilera during the reading of Juan Gabriel’s will in Florida. Photo: Special.