Pablo Milanés will be veiled at Casa América in Madrid

MADRID SPAIN.- Cuban singer-songwriter and founder of Nueva Trova Pablo Milanes will be honored on Wednesday in a funeral chapel open to the public at the America House in Madridthe city where he died on Tuesday at the age of 79, provoking reactions of regret inside and outside his country.

“The burning chapel will take place, at the wish of his family, in the Cervantes room of the Casa de América this Wednesday, November 23, from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.,” announced this cultural institution whose headquarters are located in the Linares Palacein the central Madrid square of the Cybele.

It has not been revealed what will be the final destination of the remains of the author of “Yolanda”, “In what quiet way” or “The brief space in which you are not”, who lived in Madrid since 2017.

Milanés had been the object of a kidney transplant and he suffered from an “oncohematological disease” that forced him to move to the Spanish capital five years ago “to receive treatment that did not exist in his country,” said a statement from his artistic office when he was admitted to the hospital, more than a week ago.

As soon as his art office announced his death early Tuesday morning, tributes poured in.

– Voice of a generation –

Despite the distance they had maintained since the 1980s, his friend and co-founder of Nueva Trova, Silvio Rodriguez, He uploaded the lyrics of “Pablo” to his blog, a song that he dedicated to his partner in 1969 and which begins like this: “I met you tearing at the chest of death one day. You didn’t know anything and it was you who led her by the hand”.

the cuban guitarist Eliades Ochoa He spoke of an “unmatched” contribution to Cuban music, and estimated that his “legacy is eternal.”

“We are going to miss you Dear Pablo. Have a good trip”, published the Peruvian singer based in Mexico Tania Libertad, describing him as “a great composer, wonderful singer and extraordinary friend” in a message accompanied by a video in which he sings a duet with Milanés.

“It gives me courage that you are gone but so much happiness that you have been. Thank you for your music”, wrote the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz.

Born on February 24, 1943 in Bayamo (east), Pablo Milanés strongly embraced the cuban revolution in its beginnings to later distance himself and express criticism of the government of his country, but he never broke the relationship that united him with his people through his music.

He was one of the leading singers of young Latin American and Spanish leftists in the 1970s, and songs like “I will step on the streets again”, dedicated to Chile after the coup against Salvador Allendebecame generational anthems.

“One of our greatest musicians physically disappears. Inseparable voice of the soundtrack of our generation. My condolences to his widow and his children, to #Cuba ”, he reacted on Twitter, the President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who received the news during a trip to Russia.

– The last concert in Havana –

His health problems forced him to cancel his last concerts this month in Spain and the Dominican Republic. In June he made his last visit to Havana, after three years of absence.

On that occasion, he met his Cuban audience at the Sport City of that capital where he offered an emotional concert.

Despite the fact that the event generated controversy due to the initial official intention of distributing part of the tickets to government agencies, finally the music of Pablito, as he is known in his land, united in one voice some 10,000 Cubans who attended the event.

“I have always said that it is my best audience. The public of the tours that I have done and that I have been able to verify in the attention and respect that they have given me, but you really went too far,” he said before thousands of cell phone lights that came on to receive him, on a night in which that many sang and some cried anticipating a farewell.