Paco Parada, Salvadoran talent who has the locution in his blood and who supports national music

As the son of one of the icons in the history of radio broadcasting in El Salvador, “Paco Parada Jr.” has transformed many national stations with his arrival, this time it is the turn of La Pop 98.9 FM.

The Salvadoran Francisco Alberto Parada Durán, better known on the radio as “Paco Parada, son”, has the locution in his blood, he grew up between the microphones, the radio booths and continues to be one of the most recognized voices on the dial.

With more than three decades of experience as a programmer, radio director and his time at half a dozen stations of different formats, he has become a pillar of voice over in the country.

Since December 2021, he has taken his talent and projects to La Pop 98.9 FM, where little by little he has highlighted the work of each of the staff members.

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The programming of this station is based on the musical genres that all Salvadorans seek to sing and dance at all parties, such as cumbia, salsa, merengue, bachata, vallenato and reggaeton.

In his space, entitled “The valley of the hammocks” and which is broadcast on Saturdays from 12:00 m. at 2:00 pm, Parada always supports the national artist; It also lists the five most popular Salvadoran songs of the week.

With this contribution together with his experience, Parada wishes to please the listeners, who through an interview granted to You will be able to learn much more about this national talent.

How and when was your first contact with the radio?
With my dad (Francisco Parada), who owned Studio 4000 and Stereo Amor radio, since I was little I was surrounded by music, records, recording tapes, consoles, microphones, etc.

The announcer has extensive experience on the dial. Photo: courtesy Paco Parada son

At what point did you say «the locution, it’s my thing»?
When I was 7 years old I recorded a documentary-dialogue with the teacher Edgardo Cuellar, there I was a character called “Facilito” from La Curacao stores. He captivated and moved me that recording that was directed by my dad.

How many years have you been in radio booths and how has your experience been?
I have been in radio for almost 32 years, most have been in the programming and directing part, but never leaving aside the booth, to be close to the listeners. I was in Stereo Amor for 6 years, in La Chévere for 27 years, in Astral for 4 years, in Full for 10 years, Super Estrella for 7 years, Guapachosa for 5 years and since December 2021 I am in charge of La Pop 98.9 FM.

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What moments have marked your career?
My dad’s departure marked me a lot, I made a commitment to myself, and with the support of my mom and family, to highlight the name and career of my father Francisco Parada. The other key moments are when I was starting a new radio, because I love to please and get to know the listeners as well as the customers.

Have you ever thought about changing your profession?
Just as a child, I liked to think that I would be an architect. But when I got to know the fantastic world of radio I said: «I have to stay in radio!».

What disadvantages are there within the Salvadoran radio world?
Technologically in radio we do not have any disadvantage, we are in advanced! The disadvantage is that in some media the talent to speak well, announce well and program well is not valued.

What mark do you want to leave on the radio?
I want to be an example of radio management, of good locution, of a good programming system that leaves customers, the company and listeners satisfied.

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You just started a new stage, tell me how you are doing with that.
Grateful first to God for bringing me to the best radio corporation in the country. Grateful and committed for the trust that Dr. and Ing. Saca have in me. At Radio Corporación FM (Scan, YXY, EXA, Globo, Club and La Pop) we are making, together with a great administrative team, sales, technicians and announcers, the most “POPular” radio in El Salvador.

What projects do you have in the short and long term?
Teach the new generations the art of speaking well, communicating, programming a radio musically well, I want them to listen to this through La Pop 98.9 FM and learn it at the Voces del Futuro Academy, in said academy with other colleagues and professionals we give locution classes, programming, dubbing induction and sales.

What would you advise to all those who want to dedicate themselves to voice over?
That they give all their effort, ideas, objectives, to our Lord God Almighty, because with him everything is possible. Of course, never stop studying, reading, listening and being humble.