Paloma de la Guaracha sinks Néstor Villanueva and reveals more infidelities and aggressions towards Florcita Polo | RMMN entertainment | SHOWS

Nestor Villanueva continues in the eye of the storm after more people claimed to have witnessed the physical and psychological abuse he would have exercised against his still wife, little flower polewhen they lived together.

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Erika Luz Palomino, better known as ‘Paloma de la Guaracha’, told the cameras of “Magaly TV: La Firme” that she witnessed several episodes of violence, and that one of them occurred when she went to visit the daughter of Susan Diaz.

He always hated me. (He told me 🙂 ‘What are you doing here? Get out’. He roughly grabbed Flor and took her to her room, I don’t know what happened, but there they argued and heard blows and insults ”counted.

The discussions would have become so violent that, according to ‘Paloma de la Guaracha’, Néstor would have attacked the influencer with a knife. “He wanted to attack her with a knife, he chased him and thank God he didn’t hit Flor. She told him you are never going to leave me”, he narrowed down.

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Reveal more infidelities:

The popular ‘Kim Kardashian of the Santa Oval Anita’ launched a serious accusation against the cumbiambero after assuring that he would have taken his feet off the plate several times during his marriage with the event entertainer.

“Flor has forgiven him how many times. One that was with a dancer from an orchestra and second that it was another girl from a gym, who made her abort on top of her. (Florcita) when she saw Nestor it was as if she saw the devil ”, lament.



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