Pamela Anderson: Only this man supposedly respected her

Pamela Anderson
Only this man supposedly respected her

Surprising announcement from Pamela Anderson.

Surprising announcement from Pamela Anderson.

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There was only one man who gave Pamela Anderson full respect: Playboy creator Hugh Hefner.

Pamela Anderson (55) has named the only prominent man who met her with “complete and unreserved respect”: “Playboy” founder Hugh Hefner (1926-2017). The actress made this surprising confession in an interview with “The Times”.

Her first photo shoot for the cover of “Playboy” was formative for her, Anderson says in the interview. “I was very shy and I hated that feeling. That’s why I did it,” she says of her debut in the men’s magazine. “I just didn’t want that feeling anymore.”

“My sexuality was mine”

In the apparently life-changing recordings, Pamela Anderson first “experienced what it’s like to be a sensual woman. “My sexuality was mine,” says the Canadian. “I took my power back.”

In her autobiography “Love, Pamela”, which will be published on January 31, 2023, the model tells of experiences with sexual abuse in her childhood and youth.

Record Playmate Pamela Anderson

In 1990, Pamela Anderson appeared on the cover of Playboy for the first time. Within 22 years, she graced the cover of the men’s magazine a total of 14 times. No other Playmate has done this more often.

In 1992, Anderson launched her acting career with her role as CJ Parker in “Baywatch” – and established her reputation as the sex symbol par excellence of the 1990s.

On January 31, not only her new book will be released, but also her documentary “Pamela: A Love Story” on Netflix.