Pamela Carbajal from Falling in love denounces domestic violence from her ex-partner

Pamela Carbajal, former participant of Falling in love, shocked her fans by revealing through her social networks that she was raped by one of her ex-partners.

It was through her official Twitter account where the young woman identified her attacker as Chel Martínez and asked her followers for help to find him. What caused the most concern is that in her publication she can be seen covered in blood and with very heavy breathing, in addition to the fact that she was missing three teeth.

I want to report an assault by my ex-partner… Any recommendation apart from filing the complaint and displaying it publicly? Subsequently, the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office responded to his message, stating that they regretted the events and that they would contact him by private message.

In another publication, Carbajal posted a video that was recorded from the mobile device that controls the cameras that he has in his house.

Several fans have sent him messages of support. In one of them, the young woman gave an answer, implying that she had already filed a formal complaint.