Pamela Díaz and the particular call for attention to her daughter Pascuala in the middle of the Caribbean

Pamela Diaz He is enjoying his vacation in Cancun with his partner Jean-Philippe Cretton and their respective families. Pamela has been super active showing her vacations in networks, first they had some stormy days, and they took it with a lot of humor. She now showed a fun moment with her youngest daughter, Pascuala.

In the video, which made everyone smile, you can see Pamela Diaz next to a large Christmas tree, “How cute the little tree, I love it,” he starts saying in the Instagram video. Then, he tells Pascuala that she is having a lot of fun playing with the decorations, and there she challenges her for the first time: “Pascuala, get down from there, they’re going to challenge you, get out of there.”