Pamela Franco laughs at the 3-year curse: “If Christian Domínguez stops loving me, I’m not going to die” entertainment RMMN | PEOPLE

Singer Pamela Franco He again defended his relationship with Christian Domínguez, and in an interview for “Magaly TV: La Firme” he assured that everything is going from strength to strength.

“We are not a perfect couple, who tells you that everything is happiness, no (it is like that). We already have a family, we live together, we have never had a serious problem, suddenly there are some differences, but nothing of importance”, commented the cumbiambera.

The singer of “Puro Sentimiento” acknowledged that although they are a solid couple, there are never any problems in their relationship, but she emphasized that she is not afraid of the so-called ‘three-year curse’.

“We are fine, so for all the people who do not want us to be together or are waiting three years, well, they will continue to wait because what is for you is for you, my mother told me that and I have it. Clear”, commented the artist.

The former member of “Alma Bella” also referred to the possibility that her romance with Christian Dominguez finish someday.

They talk so much that Christian is going to do something, well, if he stops loving me, it won’t be for me, I’m not going to die either. It is part of and no one You know what’s going to happen to you.” answered.


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