Pamela Silva and her son: the presenter answers if she will seek to have more babies and her plan in love | Famous

Little brother or sister for Ford? Of that and many other things he was honest Pamela Silva revealing a little of the wishes you have for the near future.

In statements given to People en Español magazine, the host of First impact He talked about motherhood and love.

Pamela Silva makes it clear if she wants to be a mother again

“I would love to have more children”admitted in the most recent statements that People en Español published this Monday, March 21.

I would love to formalize a family. With whom, I still don’t know,” acknowledged the 40-year-old communicator.

“I have enjoyed that facet of motherhood so much that I would love to live it again,” she warned.

Pamela Silva shares how her heart is and her plans for love

The presenter explained that they do not have a romantic relationship or live together, but they are very close when it comes to raising their son.

As a single mother, Silva does not intend to close the doors to love: “I always I am open to love and I believe that God always has a perfect plan,” he confessed.

In fact, it is this desire to love that also pushes her towards success. ” If one focuses on lovein the union, one can be successful in everything”, he affirmed.

“In this case, for me on a professional level, in life, as a single mother, and with this relationship with my son’s father, I feel that we are always focused on good, on love, and I think that is the secret of success”.

‘Baby’ Ford: one month shy of turning two

For Pamela Silva it seems that everything has been so fast since the arrival of his son Ford. On April 22, she will be 2 years old.

“Incredible that Ford is going to be two years old!” said the journalist, “they say that the days are long, but the years are very short in relation to our children.”

He has taught me a lot of patience. There are things that you try to instill in your children, but they also come with their own personality. He is a boy who knows what he wants.”