Panam’s shock for his eldest son

Panama He lived a day full of emotion when, when he showed up at his sons’ school, he found the incredible surprise that Luca gave him, who in 2023 will enter high school.

It happens that the boy played his song on the keyboard in tribute to the teachers and saw that all his classmates began to sing it in chorus. Without a doubt, a more than exciting moment for her.

Panama He shared the moment with a video posted on Tik Tok, where he stopped expressing all his joy after seeing little Luca turned into a preteen who starts making music.

The presenter is about to turn 21 in the children’s arena of hundreds of shows, 11 albums released and a construction of love and affection that she constantly receives from many families.

“What I just witnessed today is very strong. It is one of the moments that will remain forever in my heart. I just came from seeing the teacher’s day act of my two sons, ”she expressed in the video.

“From first to seventh grade, all the boys singing thank you for your heart teacher. I am honored as an author, but I am immensely happy as a mom. Bauti starts first grade and Luca starts first year. He is very strong,” he added. Panama.