Panic at the Adele concert! The singer interrupts her show for a dramatic reason

This Friday, July 1, Adele was forced to cut short her gig in central London after noticing one of her fans was having trouble in the pit. A superb gesture of compassion on the part of the British singer.

Adele takes care of her fans, and they care for her. This Friday, July 1, the British singer once again proved it by interrupting his concert event in Hyde Parkin central London, after noticing that one of his fans had a problem in the pit. In the middle of a song, Adele decided to end her performance after many people waved at her to let her know about a problem in the middle of the crowd of 65,000 people.

The 34-year-old singer was singing her hit song Skyfall (the James Bond theme) when she noticed the drama several tens of meters in front of her. The star immediately stopped singing and asked security to intervene, while asking onlookers to get out of the way. In footage of the incident, Adele is seen waving her arms in the air to alert security guards to the chaos in front of her. “Stop, stop, stop”she then shouted in the direction of her group so that they let go of their instruments.

Adele gave a concert that could not be more moving

Guiding the team of doctors to the guest, Adele shouted: “Right in the middle there, see where they’re all waving?” as the 65,000 spectators began to disperse. This scene made Adele’s big comeback in front of her audience even more moving. The singer was also moved to tears several times during his performance. After the release of her 4th album last November, Adele had still not given a concert, in particular because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is done, and in a very beautiful way.