‘Pantera’ Zegarra revealed how much he was paid in ‘Combate’: “I had never seen that kind of money in my life” | farándula-celebs-peru-comfm-mario irivarren-fabianne hayashida | SHOWS

David ‘Pantera’ Zegarraone of the former members of ‘Combate’, revealed in a recent interview on the Youtube program ‘Com FM’, hosted by Mario Irivarren and Fabianne Hayashida, how much his salary was when he entered said space.

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I didn’t want to go into ‘Combat’. I went to an interview for a sports program and that interview is canceled and to make time, the producer of the sports program invites me to dinner and I meet Marisol (Coursillat)”, he commented at the beginning.

There she asks me: ‘Don’t you want to go into Combat?’ and I said: ‘Nooooo! I am an athlete, a serious boxer’… I was fine from the blazer to the pants to the shoes, spectacular”, he recalled when he was asked to be part of the reality show.

Another day they invite me back (to the channel) and I meet Marisol again and she tells me again and I tell her: ‘No, nothing happens’. But then she calls me on the phone and she sits me in her office and she tells me: ‘We are going to pay you so much“, held.

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I was foolish and proud to say no again,” he said, specifying that he only accepted the third offer. “They offered me US$1,000 and I had never seen that money in my life, if the IPD paid me S/1,200″, he counted. Subsequently, they offered her US$1,500 and only when they told her that she would win US$2,000 did she accept.

However, the boxer said that it was not easy when he entered the world of reality shows. “They introduced me and I trembled. I was lost, it looked like a mole in white p *** and I returned to my house and I began to cry“, revealed.

I began to behave like in the classroom, I bothered and fucked everyone. And I began to take the skills little by little that I had learned as a chibolo and I began to practice them and it worked. And from there 10 years (those who were in reality)”, he concluded.