Paola, a member of ‘Las Perdidas’, makes Alfonso Waitshman ugly in full broadcast

Mexico City.- Paola SuárezMember of “The losses”had the luxury of rejecting that Alfonso Waitshmanthe makeup artist to stars like Belinda, Galilee Montijo Y Veronica Castroand preferred to make up herself.

What was Paola’s problem? This is what Alfonso’s followers asked themselves through social networks, because the most famous makeup artist broadcast the session he had with Wendy Guevara and Kimberly Irene, the most beautiful, but Paola decided to do her own makeup.

Waitshman came with her team of stylists, who shaped the long hair of Wendy and Kim, who asked Paola to allow her hair and makeup, but she told them no, she could alone.

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It attracted so much attention that the followers of the member of the morning program “Today” they began to ask what was wrong with her, others criticized her. The same makeup artist privately asked Wendy if she didn’t like them, and she said no.

Alfonso did make up Kimberly Irene, whom he just met. Photo: Special.

At one point, Paola was looking for Italy-brand compact powder with Wendy, who answered yes, to look in her cosmetic bag.

Telling her that he couldn’t find it, Alfonso was attentive to her and asked her what she needed.

Do you have Wendy powder? He asked him, but when he couldn’t find it he went back to her: “No Wendy, it doesn’t come there in your paintings.”

Although it was speculated on social networks that she was rude, Paolita took a photo with Alfonso Waitshman and told him that it was a pleasure to meet him. Photo: Special.

“Here there is”the famous man answers, who continues and asks “What do you need?” But she answers him in a serious tone.

Nothing, I touch up, nothing happens, “he replied.

The attitude of “The legs”as it is also known, caused an effect and began to receive criticism through social networks.

Others thought that by doing her makeup alone, Paola would clash with Wendy and Kimberly Irene.

Wendy was pleased with the result of her makeup with Alfonso Waitshman. Photo: Special.

Paola and her disastrous education”, “Paola, better go to your model*, there they can put up with your rudeness”, “Paola is a shame, without education! What a pity with Alfonso, why do they wear it ”, “I dislike the legs more and more, it is very rare”, “Paola badly vibrated”, Alfonso Waitshman’s followers reacted.

Others mentioned that Paolita was put down from the beginning because Alfonso arrived with only two gift bags, one for Wendy and one for Kimberly Irene.

At noon, Las Perdidas were at the press conference in which Adela Micha presented the new format of La Saga. Photo: Special.

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