Paola Jara is sick, she cannot sing at the Manizales Fair today and asks for help

She has been very active in the last few months, but it seems that so much bustle is taking its toll in these first days of 2023because on the first holiday weekend he had to cancel one of his most anticipated presentations.

While Jessi Uribe goes from east to west and from north to south in different fairs, She had to stay at home because of a sick woman who gave details on her social networks.

On the night of Friday, January 6, Paola Jara – who became serious when they called her husband a stew – published an image on her Instagram account in which she asked for a remedys that they were different than honey, ginger, onion and lemon for cough.

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With this publication, the singer implied that she had already tried them and that they had not worked for her, although he did not give further details of what he felt in his body.

Subsequently, Paola Jara showed the remedies she was consuming and gave details of what had happened to her in recent days. “My January 6. I arrived from Orito I took the remedy that was recommended to me, I had lunch, he put me in pajamas, I am applying my fav oil (…) To rest and rest my voice to share with you what remains of the weekend in Manizales. Thank you for your recommendations,” he said Friday night.

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Paola Jara is sick and they cancel their presentation at the Manizales Fair

Well, the singer did not recover and although she did not show how she was physically this Saturdaythe news of the cancellation of her presentation at this event in the Caldas capital confirmed that she is still affected.

The organization of the 66th edition of the Manizales Fair reported that, due to a medical situation in her voice and her health in general, the singer Paola Jara will not be in charge of opening the Popular Night, scheduled for this Saturday in the Plaza de Bolívar.

Instead, the artist known in the area as El Andariego, who had great success performing the night before, will be the one to take his place at this event attended by thousands of people.