Paola Jara performed Shakira’s song at her marriage to Jessi Uribe

One of the most anticipated weddings by fans of popular music in Colombia took place this Saturday with the marriage of the singers Paola Jara and Jessi Uribewho in the middle of a private ceremony sealed their love in an event about which few details are known.

The history of the romance that began more than three years ago has been surrounded by controversy, since it all started with the release of the song “Como si nada”, which revealed the existence of their relationship. From that moment, the followers of both artists asked them to marrywhich was a reality this Saturday.

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According to the few details that have been known about the wedding event, there was a curiosity that It caught the attention of Internet users and it was the masterful entrance that Paola Jara made to the church where the wedding took place. The artist got into a classic pink convertible car and at the same time was taking steps to arrive at the venue was interpreting Shakira’s song ‘Hay Amores’.

“Oh my good, like the Magdalena River, which melts into the sand of the sea, I want to sink into you […] There are loves that become resistant to damage, like wine that improves over the years, that’s how what I feel for you grows “, was the verse that the artist sang.

Paola Jara She was dressed in a white jumpsuit and a veil that hung from her hips to the ground. Her outfit was designed by Jorge Duque. Also, a path of roses He received her upon arrival at the church where Jessi Uribe, who had a black suit, was waiting for her.