Paola Jara reflects after canceling one of her presentations

Paola Jara is one of the popular music singers most loved by Colombians, recently the artist has worried her followers, after she had to cancel one of her presentations, due to a health complication that made it impossible for her to carry out her show at the Manizales Fair.

Through her personal account on Instagram, the singer shared a reel of photographs in which she can be seen enjoying what she likes to do the most, singing and brightening the lives of those who attend her concerts.

The artist shared the photographs with the following message where she made a confession and a reflection at the same time, The singer mentioned that on several occasions she has put her work and her profession above health; In addition, she highlighted the importance of taking care of herself and listening to her body, which suggests that a few days ago, the woman had not been feeling well and that perhaps she did not stop on time, a fact that led her to have to cancel some of the presentations. her.

“Today a confession: Sometimes I am responsible with you and irresponsible with myself and my health. The body speaks to us, it is necessary to listen to it🙌🏻🤍I love what I do, ”she wrote on her Instagram social network profile.

The singer had to cancel her presentation at the Manizales Fair

During the first weekend of January, the feast of the Three Kings, the singer had to cancel some of her performances due to problems with her voice. In fact, last Friday, January 6, Jara asked her followers through her official Instagram account for some remedies that were different from honey, ginger, onion and lemon to relieve a cough.

According to the publication, the artist had already tried several of these ingredients, but none have worked for her so far, and although she did not give many details about her state of health, she immediately published other remedies that she was consuming and gave some details of what It had happened in the last few days.

My January 6. I arrived from Orito I took the remedy that was recommended to me, I had lunch, I put on pajamas, I am applying my fav oil (…) To rest and rest my voice to share with you what remains of the weekend in Manizales. Thank you for your recommendations,” he wrote Friday night.

Paola Jara asks her followers for remedies to relieve a cough.
Paola Jara asks her followers for remedies to relieve a cough. – Photo: Instagram @paolajarapj

Nevertheless, In the midst of her optimism, Paola Jara did not recover, so last Saturday, January 7, she had to definitively cancel her presentation at the 66th edition of the Manizales Fair.

The organizers of the event reported that due to a medical situation in her voice and in her general health, the singer would not be in charge of opening the Popular Night, scheduled for Saturday in the Plaza de Bolívar.

Photo: Instagram @paolajarapj
Paola Jara is one of the most recognized Colombian artists. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @paolajarapj

Therefore, the organizers reported that instead, the artist known in the area as El Andariego, he would be the one to take his place in this event attended by thousands of people.

It is worth mentioning that while the Antioquia artist is at home getting better, her husband Jessi Uribe continues to perform at various fairs and festivals in the country.

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Due to a health complication, the singer was unable to sing at the Manizales Fair. – Photo: Instagram @paolajarapj