Paola Jara would have already had a bachelorette party for marriage to Jessi Uribe

It is an open secret that the marriage between Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe is close to taking place, but the singers have kept all the details of such an important event totally secret. Such is the secrecy that the exact date on which the ceremony will be held is not even known.although Pulzo knew days ago that it could be this Friday, May 13, because that is a very special day for Jara.

In fact, She gave a clear signal in the last few hours that the wedding would be very soon. In a presentation that she starred in, the popular music singer assured that this would be her last single show, something that further excited her fans with the possibility that the marriage would be this week.

As if that were not enough, this afternoon images of what would have been Paola’s bachelorette party emerged on social networks. It is a photo and a short video that were recorded from the place chosen by the artist’s friends to start the preview of the long-awaited marriage with Jessi.

About 10 friends would have accompanied Jara on her bachelorette party and the images that were known show that the place where they met was decorated in a special way.

What is not yet known is whether the marriage of the artists will be by the church or by the civil. Regarding the place, everything seems to indicate that the event would take place in the department of Antioquia, only with the presence of people very close to the couple.

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The date chosen for the wedding, May 13, according to Pulzo, It is very special for the interpreter of ‘Murió el amor’ and ‘Mala mujer’ because it is the Day of the Virgin Mary.

Poala Jara’s bachelorette party

Next, the publication of ‘Rechismes’ that collected the images that were known from what would have been the singer’s bachelorette party. There are the photo and a short video: