Paola Roja, an example of how to wear a tight cut-out black dress at 45

Paola Roja, an example of how to wear a tight black dress cut out at 45. The Mexican journalist and host raised sighs in the last chapter of “Netas Divinas”, since even her companions and the production were speechless and told her that she looked more beautiful than ever, since her daring dress made her highlight her enviable silhouette.

And, of course, the drastic change was noticed because the owner of “On the air with Paola Rojas” usually wears pretty outfits, but they are discreet, largely because they go according to the morning news. but with this dress showed a new facewasting coquetry and breaking stereotypes which maintains that women over 40 years of age should not wear this type of clothing.

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In itself, it is a simple but spectacular dress. From the outset, it is above the knees, it is tight and in black; the perfect combination for a outfits infallible. What makes it unique is that at the top it has the cut cut outwhich allows the neckline to show off a bit to leave everything to the imagination, while below it is crossed and draped, an effect that slims the silhouette.

To complete the outfit, she wore black sandals. In a few words, all her attention was focused on her dress, which still made her Instagram followers fall in love with her, since they left her messages to flatter her, as usually happens with each outfits who shares

“You look wonderfully beautiful,” one follower wrote, while another wrote “super cute dress and cute smile.” In addition, her fans just like hers highlighted that she is a beautiful, educated and intelligent woman, by dedicating words like “distinction and elegance, apart from intelligence!”.

There were more daring netizens who even asked him “What time do you go for bread?”, while others stated that saying “beautiful falls short”, in addition to a follower wrote “you are the most beautiful flower in the garden of Eden. You are divine and beautiful, a true feminine delicacy, full of joy that you share with your existence”.

On the other hand, some people took the opportunity to leave comments and express his anger because Galilea Montijo joined the programsince they consider that Natalia Téllez, Daniela Magún, Paola Rojas and Consuelo Duval are the ideal quartet for “Netas Divinas”.

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“So much that I liked to see them, but since @galilea arrived, they don’t even want to”, “Galilea just doesn’t stop there” and “I gave myself the opportunity to watch the program a while ago and I didn’t like it so I won’t see it anymore”, are some of the comments that are read; However, the production has not said anything about it and, apparently, the host will continue on the program.

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