Paola Rojas appreciates what she learned in Netas Divinas

Paola Rojas appreciates what she learned in Netas Divinas. One of the messages that alerted the fans of this successful program was the post published by the journalist on his Instagram account, since they considered that it was a farewell.

The message he published was accompanied by an image next to his fellow drivers and he wrote: “We have been together for four years. AI appreciate what I have learned, felt and laughed with you Natalia Téllez, Daniela Magun, Consuelo Duval”.

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The ex-wife of Luis Roberto Alves “Zague” He thanked them “for showering me with love and for embracing me in my vulnerability. Together with you I have communicated things that I would never have imagined. Thank you for giving a new meaning to my work and for being a genuine example that women united are much stronger. I adore them”.

Hence Immediately, his fans asked him if it was a farewell to the Netas Divinas program.. Paola Rojas joined the team in 2018 and was part of the quartet, since the successful broadcast has been broadcast continuously since 2006.

Although the journalist did not respond to her fans, The Netas Divinas Instagram account showed that it was a celebration precisely because four years ago, Paola joined the program team. So the fans immediately congratulated the driver.

In addition, the good wishes messages They did not wait for the whole team and wished them many more years of success. As we mentioned, the program has been broadcast since 2006. Consuelo Duval is the driver with the most seniority, followed by driver Daniela Magun, followed by Natalia Téllez and finally Paola Rojas.

Divine Net has been successful all these years, because promotes the empowerment of the female genderwhat he has is a source of inspiration for many people in different areas of their lives.

At the same time, Paola has earned the respect of the public with her hard workfor sharing her life experiences and encouraging women to follow their dreams, as she has done throughout her career, to the point of establishing herself as one of the most recognized drivers in the country.